DIY Guitar Pick Punch

Talented musicians can be quite the eccentric lot – and sometimes, they just want things done their own way, never mind that the average man on the street might deem it strange. Well, take guitarists for example – some of them might want to have their very own picks to pluck strings with, so what better way to keep said eccentric guitarist happy than with the $24.99 DIY Guitar Pick Punch?
Basically, this device is self-explanatory – you are able to turn just about anything into a guitar pick using but a simple punch. The guitar pick which is punched will be similar to that of a standard 351 style pick, and you get to go green (and creative) with the kind of guitar picks you choose. Use expired credit cards, grocery store club cards, plastic packaging material – hey, your imagination (and the toughness of the material) is the limit, so go for broke!
Be a truly awesome guitarist who not only plays your own tracks, but uses your very own picks as well.