DIY Eco Speakers allow you to decorate and customize


There are some that are willing to pay hundreds upon hundreds of dollars to get the top of the line sound and the quality looks that go along with it.  Which for them is fun, but not everyone needs that kind of a set up.  Instead, it’s entirely possible to go extremely minimal with your speakers.  You can now purchase a kit to create your very own DIY speakers.  What makes them even better is that they’re eco-friendly.

The kit comes with everything you’ll need for the speakers and that includes things to decorate them with.  They don’t state what exactly the utensils are though, whether they be eco-friendly crayons or just an ordinary set of coloring pencils.  Either way though, even after the speakers are finished you could still use them to decorate other items you find.  The cardboard set of speakers can be found for $18 through Urban Outfitters.  Which definitely isn’t a bad price, especially when you get to decorate them to fit your tastes.

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