DIY Classic Desk Lamp

Working at the desk is the calling for many of us, although whether this ‘calling’ is intentional or otherwise, that I shall leave it to you to decide. Needless to say, any decent work desk will need an accompanying lamp, just in case you decide to burn the proverbial midnight oil. Who uses oil lamps anymore these days in a modern air conditioned office? This is where the $39.99 DIY Classic Desk Lamp comes in handy, where it allows you to have this sense of satisfaction by building your own lamp – although you would have enlisted a little bit of outside help in making sure all the parts are ready for the assembly process.
This mini wooden desk lamp will come with its own fair share of casters for you to put together yourself, and there is no need to cut anything or hammer a nail or two here and there, hence greatly reducing the chances of experiencing an accident that would require you to rush yourself to the nearest first aid counter. The DIY Classic Desk Lamp measures around 24 inches in height, and will be accompanied by a 3 foot long extension cord. Now, to make sure you have enough back up bulbs just in case Murphy decides to strike…