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Divoom TimeBox Mini is a speaker that is a difference

divoom-timebox-miniNot all speakers are created equal — that is for sure. The thing is, which particular speaker would you need to purchase if you would like to have something different in your home? Well, Divoom has something that is slightly special and different from what is on offer, in the form of the Timebox Mini. The Divoom Timebox Mini is a multi-functional pixel art speaker that offers premium audio quality without missing a beat, while sporting fancy 8-bit graphics or pixel art that will certainly brighten up your life.

Divoom’s Timebox Mini offers an innovative compact speaker with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, sporting a programmable LED on board that makes it ideal for having fun in both indoor and outdoor environments. Sporting a slew of functions, the Timebox Mini’s mobile application that delivers a great user experience, with pixel art creation as the main draw here.

Users are able to create their pixel art easily using the app, while linking the designs together into an animated clip. In fact, all of the artworks are able to be shared with others via the online gallery. The Timebox Mini will also come with a special chat system, allowing two users to invite each other as exclusive partners. Apart from that, emoji and pixel designs that are sent will appear on the partner’s Timebox Mini, while one can also opt to receive social media notifications to boot. This is truly a very, very different speaker that does a whole lot more than just offer music playback.

Apart from that, the Timebox Mini’s sleep aid & alarm function will also be able to improve sleep quality as it enables user-selected preferences, such as color, brightness and music. There will be also more than 30 preset scenery profiles which help to create the most soothing environments. Other integrated functions of the Timebox Mini are the ability to check time or weather, animated patterns, music equalizer, DJ turntable and more. The asking price for the Timebox Mini stands at $49.90 apiece.

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