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Divoom AuraBox Bluetooth 4.0 SMART speaker does more than just play back music

divoom-auraboxWhen it comes to modern day speakers, there are many different models to choose from. Of course, some of us would prefer something on the high end side of things, which will definitely cost a whole lot more than what we would normally be able to afford, while others might prefer for something that is smaller, and yet more portable – not to mention convenient to tote around, which would make it a wireless option. Divoom sees an opportunity with this segment, which is why they have come up with the Divoom AuraBox Bluetooth 4.0 SMART speaker.

What makes the Divoom AuraBox Bluetooth 4.0 SMART speaker so special as opposed to the rest of the speakers in the market? Well, for starters, it will feature an integrated LED light board that is perfect having fun – regardless of whether you are working in an indoor or outdoor environment. The user will be able to make use of the Aurabox in order to set the romantic mood for date night, to rally the crews in the barbecue party, or perhaps even to spend quality time with the child in a family room.

It will arrive jam-packed with an array of functions, of course, and there is also the Divoom AuraBox mobile application that intends to deliver the best user experience possible. Some of its most unique functions would be the Design and Animation, letting users unleash their imagination without batting an eyelid. For starters, one couple can express their affections through the romantic song and message, or parents can teach their kid to identify the country flag and national anthem, whereas the store merchant can display the current promotion and slogan to promote sales; and all of these happen to be achievable via the AuraBox app.

The AuraBox’s built-in visual effects will also be able to let you check the time or ambient temperature, to transform the Aurabox into a visual equalizer that can keep to the beat of the music rhythm, or simply to enjoy the colorful moving patterns. The asking price for the Divoom AuraBox stands at $69.99 a pop.

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1 thought on “Divoom AuraBox Bluetooth 4.0 SMART speaker does more than just play back music”

  1. I am guessing that the AuraBox, like the JBL Pulse before it, will put the visuals before the sound, especially at this modest price point.

    I wish Bose would make a wireless speaker with lights — that might be worth the money…

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