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Division Zero M50 Pro Gaming Mouse — affordable but reliable

division_zero_m50_gaming_mouseIf you are a gamer, and a serious one at that, you would know for sure that you prefer to have all of the right hardware in order to maximize your chances of winning. After all, every bit counts, and while it is not so much like Formula 1 and other precision sports, there are finer details that can be the difference between victory and defeat among equally skilled gamers. For those who feel like they need a brand new gaming mouse but do not know where to start, the $68.99 Division Zero M50 Pro Gaming Mouse might just be the tonic you require.

The Division Zero M50 Pro Gaming Mouse will come with an adjustable 6400 dpi 4G laser sensor alongside 9 programmable macro buttons. Not only that, there will be a 4D tilt wheel scrolling capability that makes it easy to scroll through your list of items or even spreadsheet cells if you need to get some work done. This ambidextrous mouse will be ideal for southpaws as well, and with the integrated onboard memory, you will be able to store your game profiles regardless of where you are. You can save up to 6 game profiles in the onboard memory, and the red backlighting goes with red LED scroll wheel, mouse body, and bottom plate makes it look all the more menacing.

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