DISPLAX: The touchscreen wallpaper of the future

Displax_2I think that we all know that the future is full of Microsoft Surface technology, and I look forward to the day when every table or desk is a touchscreen.

DISPLAX, made by a Portuguese company, is prepared for an age where every tabletop, wall, or any large flat (or even curved) surface could be a touchscreen. DISPLAX is a thinner-than-paper polymer film that can be applied to glass, plastic, or wood and can detect up to 16 touches at once.

I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to think of some good uses already. In fact, my dream house will have DISPLAX as wall-paper in every room.

That way, any wall I want can be a television, and recipes can appear on the wall in my kitchen. I would imagine that I could check my email or social media sites from any room, including the bathroom.

Okay, I am going out of my head (in a good way) thinking about all the applications for DISPLAX. So much so, I can’t even think of a bad use for it. However, there is one thing I am a bit unclear on: how does one program this screen? I mean, is there a USB port to connect to a computer, or something?

This technology feels like it is made for an era that I will never see in my lifetime. I have heard that DISPLAX will start shipping as early as July.


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