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Disney/Pixar’s Cars tell you that you have mail

cars_emailalertLike any parent with younger kids, I have seen the Disney/Pixar film Cars way too many times. In all honesty, I do like the film, but not enough to purchase the Disney/Pixar Cars USB Email Alert.

Brought to you by our old friends at Brando, it is a device modeled after one of the Cars stars. You can choose from Lightning McQueen, The King, Doc Hudson, Chick Hicks, or Mater. Its purpose is to give you email alerts every time you receive an email message, and it does so using a twinkle effect on the front window and an authentic sound from the film. It is compatible with Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook Express, and POP3, and no batteries are required. All the user has to do is plug it into a spare USB port, and it needs no CD-ROM.

In addition to the email notifications, the device also has another feature. The car will interact with the typing detected on the keyboard. “It will sound, together with different facial expression of the Cars”. That’s all I know so far. I’m guessing that Lightning McQueen would probably say “Ka-Chow” every time you hit the Enter key. Whatever this feature is, I hope that is as entertaining to me as the Disney/Pixar movie is to my children.

Well, if this sounds like something you want to try, then head to the Brando site and lay down $33.00.