Disney Fairies Toys get Clickables Technology


If you’re a big fan of the Disney Fairies franchise, it is time to rejoice as the House of Mouse aims to make that franchise fly to new heights this year. Disney has introduced a breakthrough concept when it comes to the next-generation Internet-connectivity with Disney Fairies toys that boast Clickables technology. This is an exclusive toy courtesy of Disney and Techno Source teaming up, where Clickables technology allow girls to extend their virtual playtime in Disney Fairies Pixie Hollow. For parents who have no idea what the Disney Fairies Pixie Hollow is all about, it is actually Disney’s latest online virtual world where you will be able to keep in touch with offline friends in the real world. Playtime is all about magic, and it seems that this latest line of toys isn’t short of its charms and wiles.

According to Chris Heatherly, vice president of technology and innovation, Disney Consumer Products, “The future of toys is about connecting online and offline play. Kids and tweens are quickly embracing virtual worlds and, while there are several Internet-related toys in the market today, the play ends when the computer gets shut down. With our new line of Disney Fairies toys featuring Clickables technology, we’re bringing the fun of social networking, collecting, and trading into the real world so that girls can extend the fun of the enchanting online world of Pixie Hollow to school, the park, or wherever they may be.”

Some of the Disney Fairies line that feature Clickables technology include :-

Pixie Dust eJewelry Collection – Comes with a magical jewelry box, a charm necklace and three exclusive Disney Fairies charms powered by Clickables technology. When a girl touches a charm to the Clickables center of her jewelry box, Pixie Dust sparkles and music plays as the jewelry box comes alive. Each charm unlocks a unique fairy gift at, including exclusive clothing, and décor. Girls can store their Disney Fairies jewelry sprinkled with magical Clickables technology in this enchanting box where it will be protected by the magic of fairies.

Tink Friendship eBracelets – Bring girls and Disney Fairies characters together with the mere touch of a band powered by Clickables technology. The magic begins with the creation of a Fairy Friendship Kit online at where a girl can select her fairy avatar, a special message and a gift, then save it onto her Tink Friendship eBracelet to be shared offline with friends. When a girl touches her band to her friend’s and presses a button, her band will glow to confirm that a Fairy Friendship has been made – no cords, no computer, just a touch of Pixie Dust! Just like the girls, their online fairies are friends too and can easily find each other in Pixie Hollow.

Tink’s eCharm Bracelet – Features a customizable charm bracelet and three themed charms for girls to create their own fairy style. Powered by Clickables technology, each charm unlocks a unique, exclusive fairy gift at Girls can share these gifts with each other by simply touching a charm to a friend’s Pixie Dust eJewelry box or Tink Friendship eBracelet so they can all have the charm’s gift in Pixie Hollow. Girls can collect and trade the actual charms too.

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