Disney DM005SH diamond cellphone might not ring a bell with some of you, but for those who are familiar with the workings of those who live in China would definitely have heard of them since they are one of China’s leading B2B search platforms with over 30 B2B industry websites to its name. has already evaluated Disney’s diamond cellphone known as the DM005SH, where it comes with an 8-megapixel camera and a CCD sensor while bringing home a whole lot of bling in the process. The cellphone’s body itself comes with 22 pieces of diamonds of varying sizes, where among them have been arranged to make up the Disney logo. Good thing it comes in three different colors – red, dark blue and white for those who subscribe to the mantra that variety is the spice of life.

The Disney DM005SH is not the first, but actually the fifth handset in the DM series and when compared to previous models, the DM005SH lens has experienced a vast jump from 3.2-megapixels all the way to 8-megapixels, which translates to superior image quality. To stay in line with its status of being a Japanese cellphone, it comes in a classic clamshell shape and will squeeze in a 3.4″ AVS LCD display with the highest resolution level – FWVGA. As for its external display, it relies on a hidden LED screen. With dazzling diamonds dotting the exterior, they might come across as irregularly distributed on the front but all that chaos has a flow to it, since it is meant to represent the stars that dot the night sky. This design is not only meant to be luxurious but romantic as well. The front of the phone shows a combination of three diamonds which were specially arranged in the shape of a Mickey Mouse head, while the three radio buttons in the phone function key area of the navigation keys represents the shadow of the world famous rodent’s mug as well. At the top of the keyboard, you will find it engraved with the word Disney to make its identity unmistakable.

Booting up this precious handset will show off a pre-loaded Disney theme which ought to be enough to overcome any stigma associated with flashy “luxury” handsets. No idea on how much it costs, but you know that anything with diamonds won’t come cheap – since a regular Swarovski-studded phone is already mighty expensive.

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