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The Disinfecting Sponge Holder – burn out the germs

Disinfecting Sponge

Your kitchen sponge has battled the grease and grime of many a meal. While it’s good practice to give it a bit of a wash and properly wring it out before you leave it to dry, it does need an honest cleaning every once in while. While you can just put some bleach on it and toss it in the dishwasher or pop it in the microwave, you can’t be certain it is fully decontaminated.

We know that UV light is decently effective at getting rid of germs, as PhoneSoap and this can cleaner exist, but how useful would it work for sponges? The Disinfecting Sponge Holder looks like a large bar of white soap, but acts as a sort of tanning bed for sponges where it will destroy the germs that have made their home in your kitchen cleaning tool. You only need to toss in your sponge and turn it on, and once the cycle is complete it will shut off automatically.

It does plug into the wall, but you can use 3 AA batteries if you don’t have an outlet conveniently near by. Of course, this is not going to be as functional as you’d hope as time presses on, and will likely have to end up being replaced since the light can’t last forever. This $20 purchase may be a bit frivolous as it won’t stand the test of time. Seeing that you already have the microwave and dishwasher options available to you, it seems as though it might be better to save your money and just buy more sponges.

Available for purchase on QVC

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