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Discovery Radio Control Freestyle GyroTruck

gyrotruck.jpgI believe the Discovery Radio Control Freestyle GyroTruck will not only appeal to kids but adults as well. Chances are dad and son will tussle over the remote control, especially when this remote controlled device can speed along the pavement rather fast while performing hair-raising stunts without missing a beat. If you noticed, the gyro wheels are extremely large, multiplying the torque for an added speed boost while keeping a stable profile no matter what the terrain is. Powerful twin motors drive the GyroTruck ever onward, and it can even run at a 45-degree angle on tires and pegs, upside down, or right side up. At $39.95 a pop, this is will definitely impress more than just the neighborhood kids.

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2 thoughts on “Discovery Radio Control Freestyle GyroTruck”

  1. I have had a similar RC car for 8 years now. Whats new?

    Stop posting garbage like this please… Makes me wonder if you get paid for it.

  2. Hi Meh,

    This was listed under “New Products” at the Discovery store. I don’t suppose they’re wont to packaging an 8-year old product under that section, would they?

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