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Disco Ball Cup lets you drink in style

disco-ball-cupWhen it comes to the era of old school dancing, surely the disco era is one that evokes plenty of memories, where John Travolta looked stunning when young as he pulled off moves in Grease, while the Soul Train rolls back the years with some soulful groovin’. Well, you might want to have a blast from the past in the present with the rather unique £8.99 Disco Ball Cup from which you drink from.

Assuming you are one who does host your fair share of parties from time to time, then you can definitely purchase a number of these Disco Ball Cups in order to transform boring parties into boogie wonderlands. Grab a hold of the built-in straw and then you can spin it like an actual glitter ball, and the entire shebang will hold approximately 340ml of disco juice, making it the perfect party cup and summer festival essential. All that you need to get ready would be the tight hot-pants, flairs, afros and lava lamps in order to complete your set up.

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