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Disc Dots will help you organize your console game discs

Disc Dots

We absolutely love our console games. While it is disputed as to whether it’s better having a physical game disc or a digital download, those with discs know that one thing above all is important, and that would be organization. If you don’t have proper storage for your many disc cases, things are going to get out of hand quickly. Even then, if you are a bit quick to change which game you’re playing, you might forget to put the previous game away.

If that last sentence fits you to a T and you are a bit lacking in shelving, then the Disc Dots may be your salvation for being organized while still allowing you to be lazy. These are literal dots that you would adhere to the wall that are just large enough to fit in the hole in your game disc. There’s a foam hub that prevents the disc from touching the wall, which will also give you enough space to get underneath the disc to pull it off.

The adhesive is not permanent, so you can stick and re-stick these whenever you feel like reorganizing. Seeing that discs aren’t heavy, you won’t have to worry about these falling off so long as the wall surface is clean and you hold it down for ten seconds when first applying these. By spending $9.95, you’ll get 20 of these in either black or white to begin cleaning up your space. Thankfully these will always have your games out and readily accessible, so that they won’t be a pain to get out or put up when you’re done.

Available for purcase on laboratory424, found via redferret