Dine On the Water – Literally

Water lovers everywhere, look no further for the ultimate place to entertain! Sure, boats are handy for wakeboarding or water skiing. But they are not real practical when it comes to entertaining. And if you have a lakeside place you dine outside to enjoy the views and weather. Hammacher Schlemmer says combine the two and create a memorable dining experience for your next lake guests.
The Barbeque Dining Boat does exactly that. This 24” floating food station can seat up to 10 adults around the built-in charcoal grill. The table contains convenient recessed drink, plate and silverware space. Six compartments below the seats have ample space for your pantry items. Equipped with a 30-watt electrical trolling motor you’ll move up to 2.5mph. No, you don’t want to encounter waves, so keep it closer to shore. But it provides a nice pace for a leisurely cruise.   The engine contains rechargeable batteries that will allow an 8 hour dinner party after 10 hours of charging. And the nylon umbrella is retractable when you want to grill.
Boating can tend to be expensive however. So prepare yourself for the $50,000 price tag on this floating party cruiser. But if you have the cash, be the first on your lake to truly entertain on the water.