digiZoid zo personal subwoofer

digiZoid has rolled out their latest device known as the zo personal subwoofer, where it aims to bring breakthrough technology that represents the first of its kind audio device. Meant to improve the audio quality from just about any media player or listening system, the zo can be touted to be a superior alternative to the traditional earphone upgrade which offers far improved sound performance for folks who are always on the go. According to Paul Berg, president and chief technology officer at digiZoid, “This technology represents five years of extensive research, development and testing. The result is a tremendous breakthrough in high-quality sound for portable media at a perfect time considering the mass convergence of communication, audio and video entertainment into these devices.”

The zo itself is based on digiZoid SmartVector sound contouring technology, and while that might sound rather confusing to the layman, it is actually a fusion of intelligent electronics with advanced materials which will dynamically adjust and present tailored sound energy to a speaker as well as the ear for optimized audibility. As a result, your ears will be treated to an unprecedented listening experience, which is somewhat akin to installing a subwoofer and upgraded speakers into your home audio system, although with the zo personal subwoofer, this is achieved through a device that is no larger than an iPod nano.

Some of the features available in the zo are as follows :-

  • A multi-function switch enabling single-point control of all device functions
  • 32 selectable subwoofer intensity and frequency response contouring profiles
  • LightScale color indicator of selected contour profile
  • Simple plug-n-play setup
  • Compact and portable size – weighs less than an ounce
  • Designed and manufactured in the United States

Expect each purchase of the zo to come with a mini USB cable, a couple of 3.5mm stereo cables (10cm and 100cm long) and a SmartStart guide. Initially priced at $99 to kick things off, the zo readily available and can be purchased online.

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