Digitize Your Old Vinyl and Tapes with the iVinyl

The PlusDeck 2c offered a way to get your tapes digitized, but it required a bit of installation which is really only good for the most geeky of users.  I consider myself a geek and would rather not have to mess around with screws and all that.

Just like the PlusDeck, the oddly yet descriptevly named PhonoPreAmp iVinyl offers away to digitize both your cassettes andold vinyl records.  Better yet, no installation is required as its completely USB based.

On back of the of iVinyl lives ports for exporting all your old school audio.  A turntable input, with a “moving magnet cartridge” and a port for tape decks and other audio sources allow you to easily hook up your old devices and get that audio digitized.

The coolest part about the iVinyl is that no sound card, power source, or even drivers are needed for it to function.  All of the components are housed in the unit, all you need to supply is a free USB port.

Included with your iVinyl is software for both the PC (TerraTec Sound Rescue) and Mac (Roxio CD Spin Doctor) that will fix up any distortions on your newly digitized tracks.

The PhonoPreAmp iVinyl is an easy to use solution for digitizing old tapes and vinyl records, but it is a bit pricey, around £100 or around $185.  Still, for people who have absolutely no desire to go messing around in their PC or who want vinyl records digitized, the price is probably worth it.

Product Page [via The Red Ferrent Journal]