iCarta 2-Bluetooth Toilet Paper Holder

I’m not one to enjoy talking about potty habits. Personally, I don’t actually go to the bathroom (although I challenge anyone to prove otherwise) My husband and daughter on the other hand, are true professionals. They have preferred toilet paper, favorite air fresheners and each one has a stack of magazines a mile high. Each of them can tie up a bathroom for 20-30 minutes easily.

Well this next gadget isn’t going to help matters any. Check out the iCarta2 Bluetooth Stereo Toilet Paper Holder, this nifty little gadget allows you to listen to your favorite tunes while taking a sh… um, shower! Thats it! while taking a shower, or any other restroom activities that a little musical entertainment might add some enjoyment to. The iCarta will wirelessly stream your music from up to 10 feet away (leaving your device far from the steaming sh… oh yeah, we’re going with¬†shower) Play music and podcasts from your iPhone, iPod or even your Android Smartphone.

Also a formidable toilet tissue holder, the iCarta is easily installed and goes with almost any bathroom decor. The unit has two 4 watt speakers, powered by four AA batteries and works with mobile devices that run Bluetooth 2.0 or higher, including iPod and  iPhone (3.0 and higher), or iPad and Android Devices.

The iCarta also has an LED indicator for both power and pairing status as well as volume controls. So if you find yourself a little light on entertainment options for your bathroom, the iCarta2 will provide you with about 20 hours of playtime with fresh batteries. That should be plenty of time, don’t you think? Get one at for under 60 bucks.