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Digital Shopping List/Recorder makes shopping h-itech and a lot easier

Those grocery lists. We have to write them every week. Milk, eggs, butter, yada yada yada. But what if you could just speak into a mic and have something print out for you? That way you can make your list while on the fly without having the fridge open or sticking your head into the pantry and then writing stuff down. I hate writing stuff down! But with the Electronic SmartShopper Grocery List Maker, you have one less list to write. It really couldn’t be easier.

With it’s voice recognition system, the shopper just records what they want. The Smartshopper not only prints out a complete list, but even organizes it by sections of the store. This makes shopping quicker and more efficient. And should the shopper remember something on the way, they just hit record again and the SmartShopper reorganizes the list and reorganizes it before printing a new copy. (Isn’t that a waste of paper? – Ed)

Now, granted, we reported on this back in January of 2007. But I’m betting that year has brought a few ”.x” improvements to the voice recognition and organizing software which makes this worth dropping $150 on just to see how well it works. Anything that makes the daily chores easier is worth mentioning more than once, after all.

Hat Tip – Gear Crave