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The Digital Rice Paddle with Calories Counter – take every grain of rice into account

Digital Rice Paddle with Calorie Counter

Being health conscious in a time where convenience and junk food reign supreme can be tough. It can also be difficult to know just how much your food weighs and exactly how many calories are in your food. Carbs especially can be tricky, as they’re necessary for healthy brain function, but can be calorie-dense and nutritionally deficient if consumed with too much vigor.

Japan understands your pain and has created a spoon specifically for all you rice-loving dieters out there. The Digital Rice Paddle with Calories Counter is a small spoon that will weigh each scoop of rice out in grams and tell you exactly how many calories are present in the amount that’s on the paddle. Each measurement takes about 3 seconds and can measure up to 10.6 ounces.

Unfortunately for most of us the directions are in Japanese, so figuring out how to operate the device may be tricky. However, reading the measurements is easy so long as you brush up on your grams-to-ounces ratios. The digital display clearly shows the weight or the kcal (which is just a different way of phrasing the word ‘calories’) in familiar numbers. So you won’t encounter much in the way of hiragana or other Japanese lettering, making it easy to use no matter what country you’re from.┬áThe Digital Rice Paddle with Calories Counter can be purchased for $45, with $13 shipping and handling, but the added convenience of knowing just how much you’re eating is pretty priceless!

Available for purchase on japantrendshop

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