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Digital Picture Frame Reviews and Comparisons

Digital picture frames have really taken off this year. Here we compare some of the cheapest and best digital picture frames that are currently available with regards to both features and value for money. We’ll also provide an explanation of all the features that the various digital photo frames have to offer.

Check here for a full selection of digital picture frames for sale or continue down to read our reviews and comparisons.

Pandigital Kodak eStarling Phillips Portable USA
Screen Size 8″ 10″ 8″ 6.5″ 10.4″
Resolution 800 x 600 800x 480 800 x 600 720 x 480 640 x 480
Aspect Ratio 4:3 16:9 16:9 4:3 16:9
Frame Style Acrylic and black wood Black Gloss Black Piano Finish Interchangeable Cherry finish
Remote Control Yes Yes No No Yes
Wi-Fi Not yet Yes Yes No No
Memory Cards 6 in 1 card Reader MMC SD MS CF MMC SD MS CF USB MMC SD MS CF
Internal Memory 128MB 128MB
Sound Yes Yes No No Yes
Plays Video Yes Yes No No Yes
Optional Batteries Optional N N N N
Special Features Built in clock, calendar and alarm Print directly to any PictBridge enabled printers turn-off automatically at night, email photos to the frame, text Messaging to Frame Interchangable frames
Price $179.99 $199.31 $169.99 $136.93 $175.95
Price Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now

You can see an explanation of all comparison points here.

Reviews of Digital Picture Frames

Pandigital Photo Frame

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Pandigital Photo Frame with 8″ LCD screen

The Pandigital photo frame has been receiving some good reviews recently. They may not be as well known a brand as Philips or Kodak but they do look to know what they are doing in the digital frame department with excellent picture quality.

Pandigital Frames available for sale from: Amazon
Official Site: Pandigital.

Kodak Easyshare EX-1011 10-Inch Digital Picture Frame

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Kodak Easyshare 10″
The Kodak Easyshare range of digital picture frames also benefit from great picture quality and use Kodak Color Science. The operation menus aren’t said to be the most straight forward but that’s what instruction manuals are for.

Various cheap kodak frames are available at Amazon from $100, more information on the official Kodak site.

eStarling E-Mail Enabled Wi-Fi Photo Frame

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eStarling E-Mail Enabled Wi-Fi Photo Frame
It was the eStarling frame that first got me the most interested in digital picture frames. It was the first one that I came across that incorporated wireless technology meaning you can easily update the pictures without have to use memory cards or lug your laptop about. You can also email picture directly to the frame making it a cool gift for Wi-Fi enabled grandparents.

The eStarling is available for sale at Amazon with both a 7 and 8 inch version.

Philips 6.5-Inch Digital Picture Frame

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Philips Digital Picture Frame
The Philips frame also boasts one of the best pictures which is crisp even at close range. It will automatically rotate a picture depending on its orientation. It does use a rechargeable battery so can be displayed lead free, however in slideshow mode the battery life is only around the hour mark.

You can get a full range of Philips digital picture frames from Amazon or check out the Philips site for further technical details.

Portable USA 10.4-Inch

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Portable USA 10.4-Inch Digital Picture Frame
Portable USA is not a make I’ve heard of before but it offers frames at cheap and reasonable prices and overall the reviews that I’ve read have been very positive. The 10.4 inch screen is the biggest in our frame comparison, so if you are after the biggest frame this is the one to buy.

You can buy other sizes of Portable USA frames starting from around $120.

Digital Picture Frames Comparison Points

Screen Size
As with monitors the screen size of a digital picture frame is measured in inches diagonally from corner to corner. It should be the size of the visible display and not include the surrounding frame.

The resolution is the number of pixels that a digital photo frame can display. The higher the resolution the crisper the image, higher resolutions look better on larger screen sizes.

Aspect Ratio
Aspect ratio is the displayed width divided by its height, they normally come in 4:3 or wide-screen. Pictures and photographs can be cropped to fit most digital photo frames.

Frame Style
A lot of the time your digital picture frame will be turned off so you want to ensure that the frame itself looks cool even when it isn’t displaying a photograph.

Remote Control
The remote control enables you to change the settings on a digital picture frame from the comfort of the sofa, like with a television remote control.

With a wi-fi picture frame you are able send pictures to the frame wirelessly. They make it easy to display an ever changing collection of pictures either from your home PC or a shared collection (like a Flickr account). Some wireless frames will also enable you to email photographs directly to the frame even from your cell phone. You will need to have access to a Wi-Fi access point to make use of this.

Memory Cards
Adding a digital memory card to a photo frame increases the number of photographs it can display. If you buy a digital picture frame that accepts the same memory card as your digital camera you will be able to swap the card between the two.

Internal Memory
Some frames come with internal memory, this means the frame can store the pictures without always needing the memory card to be connected.

Some picture frames are used purely for displaying images whilst others incorporate speakers which let them play music or other sounds.

Plays Video
As well as showing your photographs many of the newer digitial picture frames are also capable of playing video.

Optional Batteries
All the digital picture frames that we reviewed need to be connected to an external power supply. However some of them have rechargeable batteries so ones charged they can be hung on the wall without trailing wires (though they will need plugging in again when charging.)

Usual disclaimer: To the best of our knowledge all points in this comparison are correct but you are advised to read the manufactures specifications before making any purchase.

36 thoughts on “Digital Picture Frame Reviews and Comparisons”

  1. i’m sorry i ment to also ask which brand you think is the best? and where does kodak fall in all that? because i am looking to get one for my parrents for christmas

  2. We are trying to buy a photoframe for my elederly parents that is simple. We want to share a year’s worth of pix….about 300…with them. We tried Pandigital 7″ unit and it was too complicated for their use. We returned it and are now trying 7″ Smartparts unit on sale from Radio Shack for $59 and it truly is simple to use with one button on that starts te slideshow too. Trouble is…no matter what size/resolution photos (as low as 32KB), it drags through the photos at a rate at roughly 3 minutes per picture. Is this a matter of photoframe ROM….errr….do we need a more expensive unit? If so, are there any that are as easy to use?

    Frustrated in Ohio,

  3. For any of those considering to save costs, you get what you pay for. I did a lot of research before purchasing my 19″ digital picture frame and ended up going with ‘Qingxin Technology Corporation’ who also posted above.

    I wired my funds to China and received my product. Paid an electrician to properly install the product, which came damaged (frame) and bent.

    The sales rep (Andy) offered to replace the damaged frame only if I agreed to make another ‘bulk’ purchase of picture frames.

    A month later, my digital picture frame is still hanging on my wall and is useless. It won’t even power on and still I wrestle with their customer service in order to have it repaired or replaced. I even offered to pay all the shipping costs just to have it work as it should; but am told I need to make another purchase.

    So, please be forewarned of this company and don’t make the same mistake in which I did! It wasn’t worth the savings. I ended up buying my frame from photovu, here in America, and where they stand by their product with a guanrantee.

    I do not work for either of these companies and am solely a consumer who was duped by an international transaction against my better judgment.

    Lesson well learned. Please don’t purchase from this company unless you wish to take a great monetary risk.

  4. Dear Elizabeth,

    I do not know why you post this article here, I have said in my mail to you, for the lost reduction purpose, we hope you can order more and then we can send the new frame for exchange to you for free (with our freight), that is only an advice,if you do not want to order more,then it is also ok, we will accept to exchange for you which have been mentioned in my mail,our frames quality is good,(remember the 10.4″ frame works well), and the damage on the 19″ frame is happen during the transportation and UPS also acknowledge it, when UPS give us compensation, we will give you.

    I think we can have a good and happy business, why you post this article here.

    If anyone here doubt it, I can forward the mail to anyone.


  5. Andy,
    Take care of your customer. Replace her frame and THEN deal with UPS. Good customer service is the heart and soul of a good business company. Only my opinion.

  6. Update: I still have a $450 photoframe hanging on my wall which does not work and no more offers for resolution, other than to wire them another $150 cash or buy more bulk of their product.

    My mouth just dropped open when I read my latest “offer” on what to do with their item which came to me damaged, both internally and externally and does not work. At no time was I angry, but rather spent weeks emailing asking them to give me an even exchange and I would happily pay my shipping costs to return it to them.

    I’d be happy to send them the product back, but am not happy to have to wire them more funds just to return an item. It seems crazy to me. Never before have I dealt with that from a US company, that is for sure.

    I have since placed an order with photovu (needed this in time for the holidays and have given up the idea that this will be resolved in time with magicdreamlife since it’s now been a month and no success.)Photovu’s product came shipped in proper packing material and a brand new, solid box. No damage. It works wonderfully and the resolution is higher and much more vibrant. The framing came with no external parts exposed, unlike the one purchased from magic dreamlife, whereby the “matting” stopped short about 2 inches on both sides and what I saw was the lcd metal housing unit.

    So, still no resolution; and still out $450 for a frame which does not even turn on.

    But extremely pleased with photovu’s product and high quality service. Again, I guess you get what you pay for.

  7. i am trying to research for a gift. i have come across 2 [email protected] club, can anyone tell me if ever heard of brands and if the specifications are good or not?
    Illuminx 10.4 inch resolution 800X600 apsect ratio 4:3 and memory 1gb the other is ADS brand 8″ 800X600 resoltion 128mb and 500:1 aspect ratio.
    Any input would be great since christmas is close by.
    Thank you,sorry if im posting in wrong place!

  8. Elizabeth, thanks for your comments regarding the Qingxin Tech Corp. I was just about to order their digital frame when I was fortunate enough to read your review, and to read Andy’s ridiculous answer to your problem.
    Andy, your company Qingxin Tech Corp. is not on the ball with customer service and if you want peoples money, try being considerate and honest and not stealing it. Harry

  9. ANDY good customer relations is to immediately send a replacement and a mailer for the return of the damaged one at your expense! The customer has already paid and has waited long enough! I was on here looking for a product to buy and now since you have not resolved an issue, and you claim that you are waiting on UPS before you fix the customers issue (which is ridiculous) I will not be purchasing one of your products! Your company should have the resources and ability to fix a problem on their own!

  10. Received a digital photo frame for Christmas that displays photos, plays movies, tells time . . . great idea, but there is no owners manual or specific instructions how to actually do these things (other than set the time). Any suggestions, you tech folks?

  11. Got a Kodak digital display for Christmas. No information available on how to load pictures from my PC. The software provided made no mention of the frame. The instruction book didn’t even mention a PC and the on line help was unresponsive. No telephone numbers were offered. I gave up and returned it for my money back.

  12. hmm, good thing I found this site,my wife wants to buy few of this frames as gifts and now we know that we have to be aware of companies like Andy’s. Thanks Andy for reveiling your true face

  13. We purchased an “Optimus” 9″ digital photo frame from Radio Shack which is very nice, with one big problem:
    rather than displaying the photos in the same order as they appear on the memory stick, they come up completely at random, as a deck of cards would be if it was shuffled.
    (Weddings, beach scenes, sporting events, etc., all intermingled)

    HELP!! Is this normal for all digital frames, or just this model, or do we have a defective one?

  14. I purchased a SmartParts 8″ (SP8EM from Costco) for my elderly mother and it’s ok. The slideshow mode in “Slow” speed is random at best; some images are just right for length, and others zip past at three to five at a time. I’ve sent their tech support a message with no response so far. Their other model, SPX8 is nearly the same with far better and more controllable features, but I’m not sure if Costco carrys it.

    BTW, Andy above, I completely concur with all the other posters here in that your company needs to “do the right thing” by giving Elizabeth an immediate refund plus something else for her hassles in attempting to deal with her broken frame. YOU deal with UPS after you serve her! Yikes! Sounds like the company is running on a “lick & a promise” to me.

  15. Andy and his company are crooks. He asked why she posted on this forum….because you stole her money!!!!! Can she come to China and take it out of your butt?? All I can say is let’s try to stay away from overseas companies, if possible.

  16. We need to fight thugs like this and post our experiences on EVERY SITE which deals with eletronics so Huge number of people read and becomes aware of ANDY and likewise.People get together and fight them….Happy New Year to all

  17. Hi everyone,

    We have sent the samples to her after got the her moeny, UPS has made it damage, one of 10.4″ is ok and 19″ is damage, the damage is not caused by us but bus UPS, by this condition, we can exchange a new one or repair for her for free, but we can not afford the shipping cost, the order is only one sample, if the quantity is a little big, then we can also send a extra free one to her, by this only sample, if we afford the shipping cost, we will get lost, why you buy goods from China or India or some other manufacture countries, because their cost is competitive, you now the price we offered is very low only with little profit margin, and it is not including shipping cost or anything else, by only sample, yes, we can exchange new one and repair the damage ones for free, but we can not afford the shipping cost that is our policy not CROOKS, I have said to her we are manufacture and factory not retail shop, sell sample is aim to do big order, the 10.4″ is ok for her, when she place the big order later, we will also send a extra one to her for the replacement of the damage one, by this both of us can save the shipping cost,our requirements is not rigour. If you can order a little big order, anyway we can also afford part of shipping cost.
    If you say we are croocks, then UPS also is like this, the goods sent to Elizabeth is worth around 500usd including shipping cost, but UPS only compensate us 50usd, how can we do , who should we say to?

  18. I appreciate all the support on my issues with magicdreamlife. If nothing else, I hope that I have saved others the frustrations and loss of money that I have gone through. Still, my ‘resolution’ to the $500 picture frame I paid in CASH and wired to their Chinese bank account, is to order more so that they can send me a replacement! All I want is for the one I purchased to be replaced. Why would I order more if the one ordered does not work? It doesn’t even power up at this point–it just went black after having it about a week. I’ve bought a lot of products online and have had my share of faulty ones. But never have I had any issues with having it replaced or having to resort to ‘spreading’ the word in order to get an email or response. It wasn’t until I found this site that Andy started responding to me again! But still no offer for the replacement; only ‘offer’ to sell me more if I wire them more cash! I made the mistake once, but not again.

    I hope that anyone considering a purchase from Quingxin or magicdreamlife will google and find these posts and think again.

    I made a horrible mistake trusting to buy overseas to save a few bucks. I learned my lesson the hard way.

    Thanks to all for your words of support on this–it may not get me my money back, but it did give me some justification.

    Proud to be an American….

  19. dear Andy
    first of all, your price is not that good anyway,for that money you can buy same frame in shop today ,and you get warranty. WHAT are you talking about more pieces. If I buy 100 pieces from You I expect half price minimum,even then when I pay taxes and duties I wouldnt make more then 15% because eletronics are falling in price everyday. Anyway maybe you are right in your mind but if you want to make business with other countries first you have to do business their way. So what is your price if I want to buy 500 pieces,and dont just give me your price ,give me ALL expenses (ship+handl, insurance…)

  20. Forewarning however, if even one of the 500 pieces shipped is damaged or malfunctioning from magicdreamlife, you will have to buy 500 more in order to get a replacement. Something to consider if you want to purchase in bulk for reselling, as your customers will be upset and you will have to eat all losses and get no customer service from the Manufacturer. That, and wait until you see the “directions” on how to use. I’m in IT for a living and had difficulties understanding them. And I’m still out $450 for my unit which will not power on, with no response from “Andy”. I’ve offered several times to send it back to him at MY expense if he would please send a replacement; but I am told I have to buy MORE and wire more cash in order to get a replacement unit!

  21. Elizabeth,

    I am now working for your problem, you no need to post your article to frustrate them to work with us, do you think we are so stupid to ship the goods to our customers with the same shipping company????, you think we are so stupid to make the 500pcs all damage??? for the 500pcs order, we can give 2-3pcs for free to the customer.

  22. What I know is that my money is as green as anyone else’s money and I am out $450. I would have bought more had I had any semblance of customer service on the product I bought as a “sample”. The sample was for me to try it out and see if I liked it enough to buy more, correct? And to build the trust between Buyer and Seller, yes?

    How you chose to ship your product was not my fault, nor should it be. I was never angry or unruly or asking for anything out of the ordinary. Just simply to have the product I ordered, which came to me broken and unusable, to be replaced. I work hard for my money and trusted your company and your ‘guarantee’ when I went to my bank and authorized a cash wire transfer to your bank account.

    If you are working for my problem, I have yet to see it resolved and it goes on two months with me still out the money with a product sitting broken in my basement.

  23. I received two frames for Christmas. Since I am tech. challenged, I have no idea which is best. Help! One is a Pandigital 105-B, 10.4″ and the other is a Smartparts 11″ with OptiPixPro. How do I compare them? The Pan is looks quite square and has a 256MB, while the other is rectangle and has a 128MB.

  24. Andy STILL does not understand that he is commiting a criminal action by not replacing Elizabeth’s frame. It is not Elizabeth’s problem with UPS, it is his. Andy must deal with his own shippers, not the customer. Andy’s company is getting more and more very bad publicity over his lack of action. Soon his import licenses will be challenged. If he does not fix this problem immediatley his reputation will be damaged permanently.

    He continues to make excuses and attempts to stall. He is not a reputable person. We should now take steps to make sure that the names of people like Andy who do not properly replace defective products are spread far and wide.

  25. I would like to be able to group photos in collections. Do any digital picture frames allow you group the pictures via EXIF tag data or via directories. Then have a menu for the user to select a collection to view or view all pictures.

    Also, do any of the picture frames read caption, date taken and other EXIF data and have any option to display it?

  26. My opinion is go with a Kodak or HP, they have a track record and good online support. I received a Brookstone my life 10 inch digital picture show for Christmas. It never did work right, the user’s manual is next to worthless and the website is only marginally better. The unit died a couple of days ago (after about two months) and Brookstone’s customer service has basically said I am out of luck because I don’t have a receipt. While not a guarantee of good service and quality, I’d say if the company does not offer online registration so the warranty info can be easily tracked and accessed, then be aware.

  27. We are a digital photo frame production factory in China, to see your company in the online sales of such products. Hope to establish cooperation with your company, we commend to your company have an edge products. Our current production of 7-inch digital Frame prices are $ 48, 1.5-inch digital photo frame $ 8.6.
    You are welcome to advice on products further information.

  28. Andy is a liar and I urge all of you not to deal with his companies (magicdreamlife or Qingxin Technology Corporation). He never delivered what we ordered and paid for, just because he didn’t have that despite of his numerous promises. They never acknowledged it and we never got reimbursed. We simply got robbed by these guys. Be cautious, what ever excuse he will try to make in the next posts…

  29. Hello, I bought some products from this Andy guy but he did never deliver the goods, Please do not make business with this kind of guys. So childish to play as a business men in the internet.

    we are working now on his arrestment in china by local authorities.

    Best Regards,

  30. Hello, Do any electronic picture frames display in TIFF? The ones I have seen only show in JPEG.

  31. My mother has an Optimus 9″ digital photo frame.. When i came home it was not lighting up the pictures it was displaying. Turned it off then started lighting again. Mom Says that it will go off later on. When she first had it; it would not turn off at all witch is what she wants. Don’t have the manual to trouble shoot what was going on and all the websites i looked at is just trying to sell it to me not help me fix it. Please if you could send me something on how to keep the lighting for the Displayed Image i would much apprecate it Thank you =D

  32. I want to know if Phillips model 10FF2 is still available. If not, what model is similar in the way the photos are displayed/presented?

  33. Hello, Do any electronic picture frames display in TIFF? The ones I have seen only show in JPEG.

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