Digital Photo Frame Webcam from WinWin

Digital Photo Frame Webcam

Every once in a while, someone makes a great gadget by simply taking a lot of other great gadgets and puts them all together like wet bits of clay. Today’s example would be the Digital Photo Frame Webcam from WinWin Industry, a Hong Kong Company.

As you can see, someone in the WinWin industry has created a win-win situation by combining what looks to be an alarm clock, digital picture frame, and webcam all in one unit.

We’ll start with the webcam. When attached to the PC, your friends and loved ones can see you. As for the 1.5 inch digital frame, that’s so you can see your friends and loved ones, even if they are just still shots.

The photo viewer has 8MB worth of memory, which is capable of storing up to 70 pictures. You can use it to make some slideshows, and the whole thing is detachable from the base so you can carry the viewer around in your pocket if you like. According to the features, it uses two built-in rechargeable batteries for operation.

The base itself has a calendar and alarm function. All you need to do is attach it to the computer via USB, and you will be in business.

As you can see by the site, I don’t really see an availability date on this fine product, or a price. Let’s hope it comes soon, because this all-in-one gadget is quite handy.


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