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Digital photo frame for Grandma

Ceiva Digital Photo Frame
If you’re cool, you’ve heard of these things called digital photo frames. I’m writing about a company that provides digital photo frames for the people who really don’t care that their frame can parse RSS feeds, sync with Flickr, or connect to your home network with 802.11g connectivity. Ceiva provides a service that allows the more tech-savvy relatives to easily upload photos to their not so tech-savvy relative’s Ceiva photo frame. The overall goal is that the person who owns the frame will just wake up and see new photos. It’s magic, really.

Remember those days when it took a few minutes just to sign on to the internet? Yea, the dark days of dial up. Ceiva frames will even work with that old technology. During the night, the frame will call a certain number a download any new photos, all free of charge. Most frames also come with a wireless adapter so that you can use it on your existing home network (there’s also an Ethernet port). Also standard is a card reader, that way when you’re actually at Grandma’s, you can pop in your digital camera’s memory card and show her the latest and greatest photos. I can vouch for the Ceiva service, my Grandma has had one for a few years now. It’s relatively easy to upload photos through the site and the photos always just “appear.” She’s never had a problem with it.

Ceiva offers two different frames, a 7″ one for $150 and a 8″ one for $200. For the wireless adapter, tack on an extra $35. Here’s the big let down, the Ceiva service itself (the simple uploading and sending) is $100 a year. Is Grandma worth it? You decide.