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Digital Measuring Tape

digital-measuring-tape.jpgMoving into a new home can be very exciting – but getting all the right measurements can be quite the pain! Just like scales and even the speedometer, it is best to get something more accurate in a digital format compared to an analog dial, and this is where the Digital Measuring Tape comes in.

The Digital Measuring Tape features a large easy to read display that is capable of memorizing your measurements with the push of a button. It can give measurements in either feet and inches or metric units and will even display fractions of an inch (as small as 1/16th) just like a standard tape measure. There is also a setting for adding the case length for taking inside measurements. The Digital Measuring Tape turns on and off automatically, when the tape is extended (on) or fully retracted back into the case (off).

You get 16 feet with the Digital Measuring Tape along with five different measurement formats. ThinkGeek is carrying it for $24.99.

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