Digital Camera Lighter

Are you into spy gear? This digital camera lighter is a must have for all spies and sleuths. No matter where you are you will be able to whip out your lighter (HeHe) and take a quick pic of that pretty girl on the beach, your best friends girl kissing another guy, or maybe what your professor is doing in the classroom.

It looks just like a regular Zippo lighter when closed, but it is in fact a cool digital camera. Just flip up the lid as if you were going to light a cigarette, then press a button, and wham you have that photo.

If you really want to capture all the action, the camera also has a photo timer and will continuously shoot pictures. You will be able to upload the pictures just as easy as it was to snap them. All you have to do is connect it by using the USB port of your computer and the included software. After you install the software, plug one side of the cord into your digital lighter camera and the other into the USB port on your computer. The software will then allow you to choose from options such as cropping, printing, formatting, manipulating or archiving your pictures.

For the digital camera lighter and software to work you will need to have 64 MB of memory and an empty USB port 1.1. The camera will hold about 100 320 by 240 pictures or about 30 640 by 480 pictures. The camera itself does need three “AAA” batteries that are not included.

Your digital camera lighter comes complete with the camera, of course, the software CD, the USB cable and the user’s manual. You can find it online for around $30.00USD. I wonder what the next office party will be like once you get busy snapping those secret photos?