Digital BBQ Tongs

digital_tongsJust when you thought that a rudimentary device could not get “techno-fied”, along comes the Digital BBQ Tongs.

The Digital BBQ Tongs are more than just ordinary barbecue tongs with a LED display, but they have special sensors in the tips to detect the meat’s temperature. So in case you are wondering if the burgers or chicken really are cooked all the way through, just listen to the tongs.

Yes, these tongs will actually tell you, with an chimed alarm, when the meat is done. In fact, it has seven preset meat types and one custom setting. No more eating undercooked food and risking terrifying health problems ever again!

Not only does it come with a backlit LCD display, but it also has an LED flashlight for times when…actually, I can’t think of a time when you would use the LED flashlight. I mean, if you are barbecuing at night, then move your grill underneath the porch light! At least the LED flashlight might give you that extra light if it is needed.

If you like the concept behind the Digital BBQ Tongs, and want one of your own, feel free to go to the Taylor Gifts site and lay down $40. By the way, it comes with the 3 AAA batteries that power it.


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