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DigiMemo clipboard

The humble clipboard was long overdue for the application of technology – it’s doesn’t take batteries and can survive a 10 foot drop! What’s that all about? Acecad have rectified that particular flaw with their new “DigiMemo” range of digital clipboards.

The Digimemo A402 captures your analogue scribbles and stores them to flash memory, where they can be downloaded later onto a PC. Unlike tablet PC solutions though you still use conventional paper and ink for your scribbles, so you get the benefit of keeping the original scribbles for posterity.

The trick is in the “digital ink” pen, which the clipboard is responsive to. The idea is that you doodle away as normal onto a standard pad of A4, but the clipboard is sensing the movement of the pen and storing the image away for later use. Then the software  translates the doodles into standard image files for you to do whatever with.
Pretty neat, but no word on pricing yet.
Digimemo software

5 thoughts on “DigiMemo clipboard”

  1. Marc I’ve done some checking, you’ve left out some of the best features!!

    It serves as a tablet when it’s plugged into your computer (read, don’t need a wacom!)

    Also it is totally wireless when it’s out “working on it’s own” read, “go to the coffee shop, don’t bring a computer, draw stuff, then go back and sync it!”

    You never need special paper, like the anoto based systems (it’s thus MUCH cheaper!)

    I can’t wait!!

  2. Wow this thing is so freaking cool!

    a tablet,
    a digital clipboard
    no need for special paper!

    It’s a dream come true (I’m scratching the anoto pen out of my amazon wish list as we speak!)

  3. Where do those colors come from? And the base lines on the paper? It looks more like a scanned picture. I think it must be a concept product.

  4. This is what we all dreamed of and as soon as computers were small enough to fit in a 40×40 building,this was the ultimate goal of students teachers and scholars all over the world,niccola tessla would be proud as would any inventor…this opens the door for actual unlimited information sharing around the world…no more pen and paper FOR REAL. THIS INSPIRES ME TO LIKE THE TRANSFER OF INFO. BECAUSE IT FINALLY MAKES COMMON SENSE FOR EVERYONE. I invented the VORTEC air intake for g.m. when I was 13. And if I would’ve been light years ahead by now if we had this then. All my ideas written and not lost…. awwwwww man it makes me sick. I don’t have an ego about this its just that this IS THE FORMAT OF THE FUTURE,,,,PERIOD

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