Digi-Mug puts a Digital Picture Frame on a Coffee Mug

I think that we all know that technology is getting out of hand, and we have gadgets where we never thought gadgets should be. I mean, we have cameras on our cellular phones, for crying out loud!

Another device that I’ve been seeing in places where I never thought it would be is the digital picture frame. Digital picture frames have been huge on the market, as practically every electronics company markets some type of digital frame of some sort.

I suppose that it stands to reason that someone figured out a way to put their digital mugs on a mug. Yes, that is the Digi-Mug, a digital picture frame that fits on your average commuter-style coffee mug.

The frame is a 1.5 inch display and can support both BMP and JPG images with optional backlight. I suppose the real question is how you get the pictures onto the mug itself. I assume it is with a USB cable of some kind, but my source doesn’t have that information.

My sources do say that the Digi-Mug is powered by a lithium ion battery, and the user can save up to 50 photos with its 1MB worth of memory. Now, as far as the price and availability of the Digi-Mug, I don’t have word on that.