Diddybeats headphones now available in various colors

Monster and Beats by Dr. Dre have come together to bring the Diddybeats pair of headphones Stateside, where it will come in a trio of colors, where they are black, white and pink. Available exclusively at Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile stores, each pair will retail for a pretty pricey $179.95 (relatively speaking, of course) compared to other regular headphones, but you can be sure that with such names behind the hardware, your portable music listening experience will be much better off. Needless to say, this is the latest addition to the hugely popular Beats by Dr. Dre headphone family from Monster, and from the name itself, you can tell that Diddybeats were created in conjunction with music entrepreneur and fashion icon Sean “Diddy” Combs.

In fact, to sweeten the deal, each purchase of the Diddybeats will net you a “ticket” with an online promotional code which allows one to receive a free track download of the hit single “Hello Good Morning” from Diddy-Dirty Money’s upcoming album Last Train to Paris. You will be among the first to enjoy this song, considering the album itself is scheduled for release on June 28 from Bad Boy Records and Interscope Records. Those who enter their special code can get the free download here.

Diddybeats will feature advanced audio technologies which break new ground for in-ear headphone performance, where you will benefit from a combination of the deepest bass tones with the clarity of high frequency production, ensuring that they are the ideal pair for use with all types of music, regardless of whether you are rooting for the hip-hop genre or prefer to rock it out, or even enjoy more mellow jazz and classical tunes. The remarkable sonic performance is made possible courtesy of the use of new materials and innovative patent pending designs, letting users to enjoy details in their music which they may never had heard before. Of course, a lot of it also depends on bitrate quality, so lossless files would do best.

You’ll also up your style ante with the Diddybeats since they come in an exclusive Sean John-inspired travel case not to mention an assortment of eartips to ensure maximum comfort and fit for every wearer. With a flat flat cable design that integrates into the overall look and feel of the headphones, tangles are a thing of the past with this pair. Any takers?

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