Dicota Beat, a Tiny Gamepad for your Notebook

Dicota Beat

If you’re crazy about notebooks and games, Dicota has some interesting news for you. The Beat Mini Gamepad was announced at CeBIT 2007 and is a perfect solution for all your on the road gaming needs. This folding USB gamepad controller was specially designed for notebooks and has a directional pad and 4 buttons.

Dicota Beat
Despite being so small, the Beat mini gamepad packs a vibration feedback feature to bring more realism to your games. The gamepad is covered with rubber to keep it from slipping away from your hands in that crucial time in the middle of the game. The retractable USB cable can be adjusted as needed.

This gamepad can help pass the time when you’re stuck in the airport waiting for that flight, and when you’re done all you have to do is fold the gamepad and start working again. The Dicota Beat weights 1.76 ounces and measures 47 x 99 x 13 mm when unfolded. The gamepad will cost 22,90 euros when it’s available in June.

Read more at Golem (in German).

Via Tracing Gadget.

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