Diamond Laptop Sleeve burns an $11,000,000 hole in your bank account

If you are not a tycoon of note, then you might want to give this Diamond Laptop Sleeve a miss. After all, we are talking about an $11,000,000 price tag here – which is no small amount, even if you earned your first million a few decades ago. It is without a doubt that the Diamond Laptop Sleeve will easily be touted as the most expensive laptop sleeve in the world, and was designed by the Dutch fashionable laptop sleeve company CoverBee.
Diamonds have always been touted to be a girl’s best friend, but I am quite sure that guys do not mind owning this as well, since they can always sell it later and use the money to purchase a few Bugattis, or to recycle those diamonds and use them on a ring or necklace as a gift. Well, the Diamond Laptop Sleeve costs that insane amount simply because it has over 8,800 round cut diamonds which have been graded VS clarity and F in color, and individually, they have their own unique certificate of origin. Good luck carrying all 8,800 sheets of paper around, no?

I wonder whether it is better to just carry gold bars or bank notes instead of the Diamond Laptop Sleeve. I suppose I would prefer gold bars, never mind the laptop – if I have $11 million to invest, I might was well buy gold, and if the laptop breaks due to a fall, surely my accountant is able to squeeze out some money from here and there in order for me to purchase a new laptop.
According to Peter van Soldt, CEO of CoverBee, We are a little crazy here, but only thanks to this attitude we can design brilliant products. History has proven that the more extravagant and crazy the product is, the more likely it is that there will be someone out there who appreciates it and will want to buy it. Besides, accessories have always been popular across all cultures and ages, and so has fine jewellery. This makes our new Diamond Laptop Sleeve design a must-have for collectors!”
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