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Diablo computer is power packed

While the computer you see above might come in a horrible color, rest assured the Diablo PC from Smooth Creations is a real speed demon underneath that garish paint. Smooth Creations offer the guarantee of painting all your other computer peripherals in the same color as your system, ranging from the LCD monitor to speakers, wireless gaming mice, keyboards, and even an iPod! While the peripherals are secondary, let’s take a closer look at what the Diablo can offer from a computing perspective, and perhaps delve into the reason for its devilish name.

The chassis of the Diablo is custom built from a CoolerMaster Stacker, offering a great canvas for graphics and artwork while providing the advantage of ample room within to integrate the fastest possible hardware of today. You can opt to throw in a colored window with lights to boot to provide the “Wow” experience without installing Windows Vista. Aesthetics aside, gamers will be pleased to know they can customize each Diablo system to include any level of cards they like. As the adage goes, the sky’s the limit, and in this case you’re limited by your budget. The same goes when it comes to choosing your memory, processor, storage and case fans. Generally it is best if you got the latest hardware within your budget for maximum performance.

The paint job also extends to your LCD display, whereby it will be covered under the same warranty as your system. For those who are interested, the Diablo computer starts from $5,000 and can only go upwards from there, depending on your system configuration. Truly, gaming on the PC platform is one expensive hobby. No wonder so many people are jumping onto the console bandwagon these days.