Dexim’s AppSpeed is a miniature iPhone-controlled monster truck

I have covered products from Dexim before, they usually make products that give more power to iDevices.
One of their newest products is the AppSpeed, a Gyro Controlled RC Monster Truck. The AppSpeed allows an iDevice user to control a two-inch tall monster truck by tilting their compatible iDevice, provided it has iOS 4.0 or later.
The App Speed comes with a custom-built RF Transmitter that fits in the bottom of the iDevice. The moment that contact is made with the 30-pin connector, the iDevice user is prompted to download the application necessary to control the AppSpeed Monster Truck.
As for the little monster truck’s power, it comes with a USB cord that you can connect to your computer or a wall (if you have a USB wall adapter). It also has a quick battery charger that requires 3 AAA batteries (not included) for when you need some power on the go.
The user also has a choice for the type of control as he or she can shift from gyroscope power to touch sensor mode. It also has some preset stations that allow the user to ZigZag, Spin, or Dance one’s vehicle to music.
You should be able to purchase the AppSpeed for about $69.90 on the official Dexim site.

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