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B device aims to improve focus and lower stress

b-deviceWe live in a fast moving world that continues to change, and there is plenty of stress that builds up at both the workplace and possibly at home. One would need to learn how to recharge and relax so that there is no nervous breakdown that occurs, and Breathe has come up with B, an all-new device that is small enough to fit into any pocket. The whole point of the B device is to improve focus as well as lower the amount of stress one experiences via mindful breathing. According to Breathe, their mission is to turn the world into a more mindful place through the use of technology in such a way that will be able to help us switch our attention from screens and devices, redirecting them to our personal well-being instead.

Mindful breathing might be a new idea to many of us, but it is something that our ancestors have done for a long time already. The B device will ship with LED lights, Bluetooth connectivity, an integrated pressure sensor and other kinds of hardware components which will enable users to visualize their breathing data and practice mindful breathing routines, at a time of their choice. This special combination of intelligent hardware and engaging software will enable B to guide users to become more mindful and focused, taking just a few minutes to do so.

Eric Chesbrough, the company’s founder and software engineer, shared, “We analyze users breathing data and suggest specific routines to help improve their breathing habits, which in turn helps improve their lives.” The idea of the B device cropped up while he was breathing in and out of a pen cap at work. By practicing mindful breathing, one will be able to reduce stress, strengthen one’s immune system and possibly even lengthen the number of years one will live. Another advantage is an improvement in concentration and increased happiness. Certainly B is one device that is worth checking out when it finally hits the market later this year.

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