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DeTox Spa cleanses feet

detox-spa.jpgThe DeTox Spa helps to keep you in tip top condition no matter how rough a day you’ve had.

This revolutionary foot spa treatment draws harmful toxins out of your body, leaving you feeling re-energized and re-focused. Simply add the special salt to the energizing cartridge, place your feet in the bowl, and turn the unit on. A relaxing bio-energetic current travels through your body, disposing of waste and toxins through more than 2000 pores in your feet.

I say, Al, do you think you could get one of those for next year’s CES trip as you make your way through 1.7 million square feet of booths? It certainly sounds more relaxing than watching the fountains of Bellagio. It retails for $199.99 each.

3 thoughts on “DeTox Spa cleanses feet”

  1. Hi everyone – there are units out there that do the real thing, and there are unfortunately scams as well (just like everything else these days). I bought my own unit from after trying some spa sessions and the results are truly amazing. We did our homework, do yours.

  2. This technology restored my moms health. I 100% believe in it and know it works! Don’t knock something until you tried it yourself. Just because there is something written on the web that says it doesn’t work…does not mean it is a scam. I too have the unit from

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