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Detailer’s Cordless Car Buffer gets the job done in a refined manner

car-bufferThose who love their cars do happen to take exceptionally good care of them, and this will involve a whole lot of vacuuming, not to mention washing and polishing, too. Well, polishing and waxing your ride does take a whole lot of effort and time, and if you had a particular gizmo to help you out in the long run, why not take advantage of it? This is where the $69.95 Detailer’s Cordless Car Buffer comes in handy.

As you can tell by its name, this happens to be a car buffer that will feature a cordless design, and this will go great lengths in simplifying waxing, polishing, and other detail work. Not only that, it ensures that the design will be able to free users from working only within reach of an AC outlet or stringing extension cables across a driveway, which means there is no need to worry about holding a power cord out of the way. It will be able to operate at a powerful 3,300 rpm, where the 6″ orbital polisher safely treats all interior and exterior surfaces, regardless of whether it is metal, paint, glass, plastic, upholstery, and leather. In addition, there is a steering bar that ensures comfortable control, whereas the power switch will remain within easy reach on the handle. A 12-volt battery recharges overnight thanks to the included adapter in order to provide 40 minutes of use.