Detailed Task Magnifying Glasses let you see things you might have missed

detailed-taskCan you identify with comic strip panels where a particular detective goes around a crime scene with a magnifying glass in hand? That detective will be peering closely at all of the different clues around him, trying to see what kind of dastardly evidence that the murderer or thief left behind in order to make sure that the long arm of the law catches up eventually. More often than not, the eye of the detective will be blown up when seen from the other side of the magnifying glass, which is something your eye could look like with the $199.95 Detailed Task Magnifying Glasses in hand.

Of course, paying that kind of money would surely give you far more advantages compared to a regular magnifying glass, right? These are hands-free 2x magnifying lenses that we are talking about, where they are worn like eyeglasses while offering clear resolution of even the most minute detail. Eschenbach are the ones behind it, being a company that churns out precision eyewear since 1913 in Germany. Each of the 1.25” lenspiece can be individually focused to ±3 diopters, providing a 20° field of view. Without any sharp edges, they can fit over the nose with an open-saddle bridge, and are flexible and lightweight enough to be used for extended periods of time.