Desktop Music Composer

Desktop Music Composer

The Desktop Music Composer can do more than just compose music, it can also work as an alarm clock and that is a must product for everyone that has to wake up on time to get to work, school, or do whatever you need to do. Of course that the best alarm clocks are the ones that are efficient = make you get out of bed and really wake up. Sadly, this is not the case with the Desktop Music Composer. The main strategy of this device is the originality, since it received an award – Oppenheim Toy Award – it must count for something good.

How it works:

To compose music you just need to place the plastic modules (those little pieces) on top of the base and believe me, magic will happen!

Each module stands for a specific musical instrument or theme, so there are 7 models that differ in color and sounds reproduced which can be one the following: Cosmic, Strings, Bass, Percussion, Keyboards, and Soothing.

There can be 3 modules on the base at any given time so there are plenty of different “melodies” you can create, the bonus is knowing that each model has a different sequence meaning that the final result can only get better. In case you want a more personal wake-up-message, there is a built-in microphone so you can create a voice message (5 seconds only) that will work as the alarm clock.

Besides the music composer + the alarm clock, there are 3 other interesting details:

  • Each module will light up according to the rhythm of the music and display its color
  • There is a mode button that enables the following settings to added on the audio – tempo, pitch, reverb and echo
  • It features an audio input to connect other devices like mp3 players, and you can modify the music with the previously mentioned “mode button”

Finally, the price? $60