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Desktop Light Therapy Lamp help chase away the blues

desktop-light-therapy-lampWhen it comes to the winter, not everyone welcomes this particular season. Some folks are more negatively affected by it than the others, especially due to the fact that the lack of light could play havoc on one’s particular mood. Of course, there are other issues that could be resolved with additional light such as jet lag and work fatigue, which is why the $99.95 Desktop Light Therapy Lamp does seem to come in pretty handy, actually.

This particular desktop light is said to be able to deliver up to 10,000 lux of daylight spectrum light in order to help it counteract the effects of work fatigue, jet lag, and seasonal change, just to mention some. All that is required of you would be 30 minutes of exposure to the light from the Desktop Light Therapy Lamp, and it will help blok the release of melatonin, which is a kind of a sleep hormone. The less amount of melatonin in your body, and you will find that you will have increased energy levels as well as alertness. Not only that, the Desktop Light Therapy Lamp will sport an extremely tiny 5.25″ x 3″ footprint so that one can fit it easily onto work surfaces, making it different from previous generations which tend to take up plenty of space around your desktop. It will make use of a special 36-watt bulb that has been rated for 10,000 hours, alongside an electronic ballast to deliver a buzz-free operation, while there is also flicker-elimination technology thrown into the mix to prevent electromagnetic fields.

Sounds to be a whole lot more versatile than the single-minded Light Therapy Visor!