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Desktop Kebab Making Machine

Just in time for the World Cup, the answer to the age old problem of how to make an authentic Donner or Shish kebab (at home) has finally arrived, the BEEM Kebab Grill.

The kebab from the local van is probably the standard UK snack after a night out (and do take a fair few beers before you can stomach one, if you’ve ever tried a kebab when 100% sober you’ll know what I mean). If you’re going to be inviting mates round to watch England progress in the World Cup, then get them to bring the beer (ideally not in abeer belly) while you supply authentic after pub grub. For added realism buy a dirty white trailer and serve the kebabs in the garden at extortionate prices.

8 thoughts on “Desktop Kebab Making Machine”

  1. I would like to receive your cater-log so i can select some machine to purchase for my business.

    Peter N

  2. Hi can someone let me know when this product will be available for purchase, I have been looking for this for ages.

  3. i want donner kabab machine. (ja trebam donner kabab machine>).if u have big machine so let me inform i will buy (kapodati).
    thanks (havala)

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