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Design Your Own Tiles

Photo Tile

If you want a totally personalised kitchen or shower room you won’t get much more unique than this, digital photograph or art tiles.

Johnson Tiles offer the ability to have your own personal digital art converted into ceramic tiles. Once created, the patterns are totally fade, UV and scratch resistant. They can can be used anywhere in place of regular tiles, including swimming pools and I imagine they’ll be a lot easier to wipe clean than your kids.

9 thoughts on “Design Your Own Tiles”

  1. Good point Jacob. I’d expect you’d be able to order one off replacements, but I wouldn’t want to put that theory to the test.

  2. You probably would have to order 2 sets at once. Although, who knows? If they have the technology to do this, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem make just one tile.

  3. I like this. I hope they can integrate it with an embedded ultra hi-res digicam so I can see my huge face while shaving. Eliminates the need for a mirror in a bathroom.

  4. The brochure deals with the breakage issue. Each tile is numbered and, in addition, has a placement code for where it sits in the overall plan. Manufacturer states that a broken tile can be replaced using either identifier.
    NOW – where in North America can we get these dandy tiles?

  5. I think that a real picture with a glas wall to cover it is so much more genius. It gives more reflection if you like it to and makes the room look even bigger.

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