The Descender – Never be “board” again

I am a big fan of Winter, I love the snow and everything that comes with it, like sledding, skiing and skating. Truth be told, I often get a little sad when it becomes obvious that the last flakes have fallen. It means I need to wait another year to feel the wind in my face as I fly down a hill, only to run back up, breathless and ready for my next ride… well this year I wont have to wait…
Welcome our friends over at Rockboard, who have taken boarding to an all new level with the totally never before seen “Descender”, the very first of its kind! It’s not a sled, its not a skateboard and it features some innovative high-performance treads never before applied to the boarding experience, this unique cross-over board bridges the gap for summer and winter outdoor sports enthusiasts and enables riders to “surf” down grass and all-terrain hills.
With its four treads wrapped around triple sets of wheels, designed for maximum traction and power, The Descender extends the fun of snowboarding and surfing into every season. The Descender officially measures to be 31” x 10” x 5” and it can hold riders up to around 200 lbs.
So not only does the “Descender” LOOK amazingly different than anything you’ve ever seen, it opens up a whole new world of exciting downhill opportunities. I guess spring doesnt seem so bad after all, since thats when The Descender will be available, so watch for it in a store near you… its gonna be big. Woo-hoo!

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