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Delsey Pluggage Prototype typifies the Internet of Things

pluggageThis year’s recently concluded CES saw the Internet of Things being one of the mainstay features – and it is not surprising, really, especially when one takes into consideration the direction in which the consumer electronics industry had been moving toward in recent years. Having said that, how does one improve on something as “boring” as luggage? Well, apart from the rather obvious points such as better and more durable material which will not add to the weight, the inclusion of a strong backbone and four spinning wheels, how about throwing in some “brains” to the entire get up? This is what Delsey intends to do with their Delsey Pluggage prototype.

 Travelers are requested to cast their vote online for a favorite feature to end up in the final version of the Pluggage – which would be a decent example of democracy being the tyranny of the majority in this case. French brand Delsey has thrown in a couple of years of research and development into the Pluggage, and ultra-connected travelers would be the ones to benefit at the end of the day.

The Pluggage connected bag prototype will come with a possible feature that I am sure frequent travelers would love to have – that it has an overload indicator so that you can avoid nasty surprises concerning overweight baggage whenever you check-in at the airport. Apart from that, how about having a built in charger that will juice up your smartphone regardless of where you are – thanks to the Pluggage? Apart from that, how about the possibility of having the app confirm the presence of your luggage on board, which is one of the “must have” features especially when one takes into consideration that 82,000 bags are lost each day, and that translates to 26 million pieces of luggage worldwide per year.

Integrated speakers would also enable the traveler to listen to their favorite music on the go, now how about that? There will also be an interior lighting system that makes it easier to search for personal belongings in a jiffy, while there is an opening and closing digital fingerprint system – although a TSA lock would also come in handy. Which of the mentioned features would you like to see make the cut?

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