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Deflexion – Playing with Lasers

This is a really original idea for a game IMO. It’s called Deflexion and is a board game unlike any other that I’ve seen.

Like all the best games the rules are very simple and quick to learn but will take an age to master. The aim of the game is to be the first player to shoot your opponents pharaoh with your grade II laser but as you can’t move or aim your laser you need to do a bit laser dancing and bouncing.

In the Deflexion game, each player has an assortment of djeds, pyramids and obelisks. These pieces either reflect the laser beam or block it (or both depending on which side is hit). If a piece blocks the beam it is classed as destroyed and removed from the board. Each player takes it in turn to move or rotate one of their pieces, after their move they can fire their laser to see what it now hits.

So the aim of the game is to position your pieces in such a way that when your laser is fired it is bounced (well reflected) around and ends up vaporizing you opponent’s pharaoh. Whilst you’re positioning your pieces your opponent will be doing the same so you need to think defence as well as offence. It’s also possible to vaporize your own pharaoh and pieces if you don’t watch what you’re doing.

You can find further info and instructions and buy the game online at ThinkGeek

Whilst looking for other laser board games I found a Laser Chess game that was made as a college project. The pictures of it look really cool just a shame you can’t buy it it in the shops.

[Deflexion found via BoingBoing and Wired]

10 thoughts on “Deflexion – Playing with Lasers”

  1. not quite an original idea. this is based on a free program in an old issue of compute! magazine. it gave free source code for the commodore 64 and other platforms of the era so that you could play the game. fun none the less. but not original.

  2. “This is a really original idea for a game IMO.”? I think not. I remember typing in a game on my Commodore 64 called Laser Chess out of a Compute magazine. You can even play this original version and a more advanced version as Java applets here

  3. Sorry I only had a Spectrum, I still think it’s “kind of” original for a board game, but you’re right about the idea itself not being so original (though still cool).

  4. Well the thing is even teh idea might not be original, its’ still theirs and they had teh balls to complete it and market it. Doesn’t matter…they did it, you weep it.

  5. No joke. This is pretty cool looking. No, it’s not a completely new idea- but I thik you’d be really hardpressed to find anything that is really all that new. Unlike all the other games posted, this is a real boardgame. With real lasers and mirrors. Not just a computer representing them. That counts for a fair bit. Even those “original” games you cite, LaserChess and the like aren’t original themselves, they too were based off of other ideas. In short- get over yourselves!

  6. I don’t think this will beat Monopoly’s popularity anytime soon. But, stolen or not, it’s a great idea!

  7. Even if there are lot of new games on the market, I still think that classics never die, and this applies to this case. I don’t think this one will stand the test of time.

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