The Defender – Bluetooth Pepper Spray and a Credible Witness in One


We’ve all been there, making our way to our car, late at night and alone. You can feel a bit of tension as you try to unobtrusively check out your surroundings, making sure you look tough, even confident… perhaps holding your keys like a weapon. You know you should have had someone walk you to your car, and if you could just find yours, get in it and quickly lock your doors, you vow to never do this to yourself again. How can you, or those you love, be safer?

Sure, you shouldn’t be out alone late at night, but sometimes its unavoidable, and lets face it, thats not the only time that bad things happen. So check out The Defender, an easy to use self-defense device, that uses the communication capabilities of your smartphone, coupled with a digital camera and heavy duty flash that captures, and forwards an attackers picture to law enforcement, along with your GPS location and it even announces to your assailant that it did just that.

Also in your arsenal,  are flashing lights and an audible alarm to attract the attention of help that may be nearby, and a hefty dose of the highest concentration of pepper spray available to law enforcement. Yeah, anyone that messes with you is going to be one unhappy camper.A second press of a button can send off email and texts, letting a predetermined list of people know you’re having a problem. The Defender service includes 24/7 monitoring,  for both personal safety and medical alerts.

So if you’d like a little personal protection in your pocket, head on over to to learn more, or to pre-order one of these nifty gizmos for just under 180 bucks, including a full year of the monitoring service. A small price to pay for a little peace of mind don’t you think?

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