Deep Shot is good for computer-to-phone transfers, and vice versa

Even though our computer and smartphones make our world easier to live in, it can be a pain to transfer the information back and forth.
Fortunately, Tsung-Hsiang Chang, an MIT Grad student and Google Inern, and Yang Li (also employed by Google) have created Deep Shot. Imagine doing something on your computer, like driving directions. Instead of going to the Navigation App on your smartphone and retyping everything again, you can just take a picture of the screen, and what was on the PC will be on your phone.
The reverse of this also works as well. So if you are doing something on your mobile phone and you want to type it up on your computer, just Deep Shot it from the mobile to the PC. You can watch a video of it after the jump for more information.
This would be good if you don’t have to go through the rigamarole of entering in your password every time you do a transfer. By the way, isn’t there a service known as Chrome to Phone that does the same thing? Leave a comment if you know the answer.
Whatever this case, I would like to have Deep Shot on my computer and smartphone right now. Google, if you can hear me (and I know that you can), please get Deep Shot into some sort of App form, please.