Decorate Your Keyboard With Decals

Most people put some kind of skin on the outside of their laptop, making it much more original and personal.  Well now you can take things another step further and decorate the inside as well.  There are several attractive keyboards available, so I could see many being interested in making their current keyboard a little more attractive on their laptop.

This one is a rainbow print that’ll make you look like a Skittles addict.  The stickers are made by special material-Avery MPI.  If you get bored of them, you can always peel them off and go back to the original look.  These are of course made specifically for a MacBook, so those of you with other laptops will probably have a harder time getting something like this.  For those that do have the necessary hardware it will cost you $14.99 through Etsy.

Source: Crunchgear