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Deceased lady’s iPad cannot be used due to Apple’s security rules

ipad3-launchI know that there are moments in life when nothing seems to go your way, and you wished that you would receive a break. Well, the Grants would have felt that way too, when John Grant’s mother, Anthea, breathed her last without having written down her Apple ID as well as password somewhere. After all, who would have thought that it would amount to a rather grievous matter? While Anthea did ensure that she bequeathed her iPad to her family in her will, her family who do not have her Apple ID and password, are hence unable to make use of the iPad. Basically, her iPad has now ended up as a rather large sized paperweight. Is there a way out of this conundrum?

The late Anthea’s family did try to figure out that Apple might have a heart, as they have provided Apple with her death certificate, will and solicitor’s letter, but Apple has made life rather difficult for them. In fact, Cupertino did mentioned that there is one more thing which was required, and that would be a court order in order to prove that she was the owner of the iPad when she was still alive. Ridiculous, don’t you think so?

Josh has mentioned to BBC Radio 5 live’s Victoria Derbyshire, “All we want is the iPad to work… In this situation – who are they protecting?” Apparently, Apple’s security measures that are in place were meant to assist customers in protecting lost or stolen devices, but in this matter, the spirit of the law should be obeyed, and not the letter of the law. Josh continued, “We obviously couldn’t get written permission because mum had died. So my brother has been back and forth with Apple, they’re asking for some kind of proof that he can have the iPad. We’ve provided the death certificate, will and solicitor’s letter but it wasn’t enough. They’ve now asked for a court order to prove that mum was the owner of the iPad and the iTunes account. It’s going to have to go through our solicitor and he charges £200 an hour so it’s a bit of a false economy.”


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11 thoughts on “Deceased lady’s iPad cannot be used due to Apple’s security rules”

  1. a customer of mine bought a reconditioned ipad from currys and after 12 months they updated to ios 7 and after having to restore it its asking for an unknown email address most likely from the guy who returned it, as 12 months have past currys wont help. this new security measure needs seriously re thinking.

  2. Why go to apple…whereas a local store can easily crack it ! Rather than spending a whopping price legally to do it by going thr clean way. Afterall she is dead and has no dearly attachement to the pad….unless she worked for MI5 or Assange

  3. Why don’t the family reset the device?
    If they only want it to work, reset it back to factory defaults, allowing it to be used again.

  4. It would probably be easier to first recover access to the deceased lady’s email inbox. You can then request a reminder of the Apple ID and reset the password so you can unlock the device. Apple have been extremely inflexible on this, I work in IT for a company with about a thousand iPads and after arguing with Apple we managed to get them to agree to unlock if we send them a copy of the original invoice.

  5. Apple come on! Really?? U should be ashamed! I can honestly say I will never buy an apple product again after reading this, it makes me sick! If the lady who sadly passed away left a will which I believe u have had copy of and u have seen the death certificate then surely you should be assisting the lady’s family access her iPad as they are now the legal owners of it! There may b things on that iPad that bring the family a small comfort who r u to stop them! This is seriously ridiculous and not a very good advert for apple!!

  6. What a shame, typical Apple. Best way to deal with this is boycott all their fondleslabs.

    I bet if the NSA or GCHQ wanted to get into the ipad Apple would oblige,

  7. It should be possible to both recover data on flash drive and also force reinstall as new device.
    Storm in a tea cup and only an issue if you follow apple official guidance.

  8. As with everything that Apple produces, it becomes more useable once jailbroken. Simply hack that tablet and save yourself the hassle.

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