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Death Star Mood Light induces a sense of awe

death-star-mood-lightLet’s face the facts – the first time you saw the Death Star in a Star Wars film, you must have been overwhelmed by a sense of awe and wonder. Imagine the amount of energy required to run a battle station that is as large as a moon or a small planet, not to mention having it muster the amount of energy required in order to obliterate an entire planet! Hence, if you would like to set the tone for the evening in your home, the $34.99 Death Star Mood Light makes plenty of sense.

It will be able to light up in white or red, although the latter would be a far more menacing shade, not to mention having it align itself to the Sith. You can power the Death Star Mood Light through batteries or USB, and thankfully, it will not cause a huge spike in your monthly power bill. This is an officially licensed piece of Star Wars merchandise, where a trio of AAA batteries are required to keep it going. Good thing it will not wander away from your desk because of gravitational pulls from another planet in the vacuum of space! You can partner this with the Stormtrooper Mood Light.