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Dead Comfy – The Body Bag Bean Bag

Body Bag

You probably need a morbid sense of humor to appreciate this one, the body bag bean bag.

The bean bag resembles a body bag and is even filled with a body shaped bag of comfy beans. It comes in three sizes dead large, dead medium, and dead small. Available at Udder Stuff from £60.

Thanks to Beanbag Chairs for help out with this post (and they make quality bean bags too)

1 thought on “Dead Comfy – The Body Bag Bean Bag”

  1. We just bought a gamers beanbag chair from Sumo Lounge and the kids love it. Looks like beanbag chairs are coming back into fashion in a big way. Bring back 1969 right…

    Started my own beannag chair site too..

    It was alot of fun doing the research.

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